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Femmy Heqet aka Mohana Dharma





Femmy Heqet is the Pagan name of the singer/songwriter and top liner Mohana Dharma, adopted in 2014 after her Initiation as a Daughter of Hekate, in the jungles of the Amazon.



Before that, her pseudonym was Mohana which is one of the many names of Krishna and it means "no illusion". Dharma, among many other meanings, is a synonym for Religion, Love and a very important mission. She was also called Mepünã by her Tikuna family, the biggest indigenous tribe of the Amazon, Brazil. She was initiated into one of their clans, when she studied their culture and beliefs, in order to write songs and play together with them. Her Tikuna name simply means that she was adopted by and belongs to the “Avai” clan.At the age of 5 she started musical theatre, singing and acting in a children’s choir at a Christmas play, in the role of Mary – Jesus’ Mother. After that, she had several performances in schools as a singer and actress.


She has also studied Acting & Drama classes and Lyrical singing, becoming a professional actress and 1st Soprano of Amazon Choirs. She has participated in many plays, choirs and even an opera since then.


Years later, she starts song writing, top lining and recording songs in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Sanskrit and Tikuna languages. Her songs were played on major radios in Brazil, Galapagos Islands, clubber parties in Argentina, USA and web radios in Europe.


Various collab projects with DJs, producers and bands, singing classes for young dancers and international shows in Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador and Canada are also part of her career so far.

1st prize awarded as a writer and producer at the 2010 Drama and Music Festival for the play "Reflexiones de la Naturaleza" in Ecuador.

As a co-producer, she won the award for the best play soundtrack in the 5th Annual Amazon Drama Festival in Brazil with “Yebah-Buroh”.

In October of 2017, already living in Canada, she starts her own band Hekate’s Torch, together with her husband, the poet, songwriter and musician Robert Johnson. 

Heavy Metal, Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative, Dream Pop, New Age, Ethereal, Classic/Lyrical, Bossa-Nova, World and Electronic are her musical influences.

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