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Hekate's Torch


A Witch and a Wizard are magickally (re)united by the Goddess Hekate, and started a spiritual musical journey together, playing Pagan Alternative Rock and singing about Life, Love, Magick and everything in between. They also create and produce all their Music Videos.

Living in the witchiest city of Canada, Victoria, BC, Brazilian-Canadian Femi Heqet aka Mohana and Canadian Robert Johnson formed Hekate's Torch in October of 2017. At the end of 2018, they rescued their “familiar” Ebony Heqet-Johnson, who became the Meowstro of the band, showing up in all their jams and unexpectedly appearing in two of their videos.

In 2019, they invited Canadian multi-instrumentalist Lana Rummel aka Venus and Japanese drummer Minami Tsuji to join the band. Together they filmed the music videos for "Dance With Me" and "When I’m With You".

Their first song, "Sacred and Profane", which is also the title of their first album, really motivated them to create a body of work that was meaningful and fun. Their next song, "Dance With Me", was more lyrical and thought provoking. But only when they recorded their third song, "Hekate's Torch", that things shifted gear, and they decided to challenge themselves recording their first  music video. The experience changed their performance and how people saw them. Their song "Chains", is another shift in how they want to present their music and message to the world. Then they recorded "Playground" and made 2 versions of it, one in English and one in Portuguese, followed by “When I’m With You”, also in English and Portuguese. Coming next, "The Forgotten Shore" also became a video and finally "The Next Wave" was the last song recorded in their debut album.

After 2 performances at the Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day (2018 and 2019) and with more gigs scheduled, they were trapped by the Covid-19 pandemic and had to cancel all their gigs.


Currently working on the recording of their second album and filming more music videos, Hekate’s Torch, now with new band members and conducted by The Meowstro Ebony, has already bewitched thousands of fans and promises to make your life way more magickal (and fun!).

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