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Guilherme Lonskis




After moving to another city for a period of 6 months, eleven year-old Guilherme came back to his hometown of São Paulo with an unstoppable desire: learn how to play the guitar and become a famous musician. Why? Because during that period of time, away from his family, the only thing that kept that boy hopeful, was listening to songs by the Beatles. 


However, this dream of his would be more difficult than what he had initially believed. Nevertheless, he was always moved by his dream. 


After many years of practice, playing gigs and achieving a Post-Graduation in Music, Guilherme had to face the hard reality of the situation: The music genre that he loved, the good old Rock n’ Roll, would never have the same presence in his country as it once had. He needed to find somewhere else to be if he wanted Rock N’ Roll to be his living. So, after meeting his wife Marilia and thinking through all the possibilities, he moved with her to Canada where he could, among many other things, finally live from what he loves doing: playing his guitar in a rock band! 


Now he has joined forces with Hekate’s Torch, and together they will conquer the Rock scene all around the world!

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