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Ebony Heqet-Johnson

The Meowstro




She is a true Rock Star! Or should I say a Meow Star?

Ebony was rescued and adopted by Femi and Robert on December 15, 2018 and was immediately recognized as their “familiar”. She used to live in the woods as a feral cat. The Vet could not tell her precise age, but her always playful and cheerful mood suggested that she was around 2 years young when she was adopted.

After a short period of adaptation, spending 3 days and 3 nights under Femmy and Robert’s bed, she finally faced the human world. And what a surprise! From that day on, she started socializing with them and all their friends who would visit them at their house, playing and jumping onto their laps.

Everybody just loved her!

She started jumping on chairs to have meals together with them and has been always absolutely polite and well mannered. Soon she’s got her stroller from daddy and enjoyed so much going out with mom and dad for strolls, in parks and beaches in Victoria. Another favorite is her exclusive backpack, to go with mom to shops and short rides, when she is immediately recognized by her fans and cat lovers.

Until the unexpected happened! One night, the band was jamming in their home studio and Ebony decided to show up. She jumped onto the P.A. and from there started to monitor their session. At the end, when asked what she thought of the practice, she said “meow”, with so much eloquence that got everybody surprised. That specific meow, in cat language meant “wonderful”! Then, from that night on, she would just follow the band to all their jams and recordings, reaching the status of official “Meowstro”.

But the cherry on top really came when, during a quarantine music video, that was being recorded LIVE at their home studio, the Meowstro just decided to sit beside her mom, while she was singing, right in front of the camera and meowed at the end of the video! Bravo!!

Another video was recorded at the home studio and there she was again. But this time, her parents decided to give her an entire scene at the end, that shows her mixing the song. More recently, she was invited to meow in the newest song of the band, “Kick of the Broom”, which will be released soon.

With countless hours of jamming sessions and recordings, a serious commitment to the band and an undeniable charisma, Meowstro Ebony Heqet-Johnson has already proved that like parents, like daughter.

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