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Our Story

Do you believe in Magick and Fairy Tales?


No? You better start to, because you are about to hear a very true story...

Once upon a time, in the middle of the torrid Amazonian jungle, lived a red-haired witch who started singing at the age of 5. Having lived as a Mermaid in a past life, her most precious gift was her voice. She loved her land and her people but many times she had visions of herself living in a snowy land, surrounded by mountains and in the companion of her true love.

Her voice brought her prestige and prizes, and her other talents, song writing and acting, completed the package. But she still dreamed of snow and a true, magickal love.

On a beautiful full moon night, her Mother Hekate, the Queen of Witches, told her to go to Canada.

Meanwhile, in the land of the freezing tundra, lived a wizard, poet and musician, who had lived as a Dragon in a past life. His prolific career as a poet and otherworldly experiences as a craft practitioner, were completed by his skills as a guitarist. But he, as our Amazonian girl, also dreamed of finding his true, eternal love.

Arriving in Canada, our witch-mermaid creates a public event to celebrate her Goddess, and guess who showed up? Yes! Our wizard-dragon!

United by the Goddess, Hekate’s Torch features:

Robert Johnson, Vocals, Song writing and Guitar

Femmy Heqet aka Mohana, Vocals and Song writing

Tadeu Vieira - Multi-instrumentalist

Guilherme Lonskis - Guitar

Adrian Ventura - Drums

And Ebony Heqet-Johnson, The Meowstro

May Her Torch Be With You!

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