Hekate's Torch

What happens when a Goddess makes two Worlds collide? Her name is Hekate, and She is the Goddess of Magick and Witchcraft, who guided Femi with Her torch from the torrid Amazonian jungle to the freezing tundra of Canada, to meet her true undying love for all eternity, Robert.

Two witches, two musicians, two hearts beating in unison with a passion for Rock music.

Robert was a prolific poet and had some otherworldly experiences during his stint working for the Coroner. After dusting off his guitar he poured his soul into songwriting. When he wasn’t banishing evil spirits he loved making music and socializing within the esoteric and magical communities in Victoria BC. He doesn’t believe in coincidence, it was fate that he met Femi at the crossroads.

​​The red haired jungle girl has been singing since she was 5 years old. She studied lyrical singing, Drama classes, acted in many plays, participated in many choirs and operas as 1st Soprano, won a few prizes and started songwriting professionally in 1999. After being initiated as a Daughter of Hekate, she heard Her call to pack up all this stuff and move to Canada in 2015.

​​Hekate brought Femi and Robert together in a most mystical and romantic way imaginable. They now make magical music and live their lives to the fullest, eternally grateful to the Goddess.

​​Their song Sacred and Profane was the first push in their career, motivating them towards creating a body of work that was meaningful and fun. Their next song, Dance with me, was more lyrical and thought provoking. But it was with the song with the same name as the band that things shifted gear. They decided to challenge themselves and record their first Music video. The experience changed their performance and how their fans saw them. With the song Chains, they solidified how they wanted to present their music and message to the world.

​Hekate’s Torch features Brazilian singer/songwriter/witch Femi Heqet aka Mohana, Canadian poet/musician/shaman Robert Johnson and their rescue fur baby Ebony. They are the newest promise of Independent Alternative Rock in Beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada.

May Her Torch be with you!



Past Shows
August 17, 2019
Pagan Pride Day
Fernwood Community Hall
Victoria, BC
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August 11, 2018
Pagan Pride Day
Sooke, BC Canada
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