17-year-young, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Venus is the newest member of Hekate’s Torch and also the idealizer of the new collab project called “Venus”, which will showcase her songs to the world.

At the age of 4, her favorite toy to “play” was the piano. That was her first introduction to reading music.  

About 5 years later, she discovered one new passion: The cello! So she joined the strings club at her school to play it. The next year she surprised everyone again playing alto saxophone, which she continues playing until today, in the jazz band of her school.

Pieces from jazz specialists like Charles Mingus and Buddy Rich are in her repertoire, along with marches, ballads and some pop from time to time.

In grade 9, she decided to switch to clarinet to play in the school concert band, although her first passion, since she was little, still remains the piano.

In High School, she plays cello again for two years and this new shift granted her a spot in a symphonic orchestra.

 Her major musical influences are the Washington University Jazz band, the Wind Symphony and guess who else? Hekate’s Torch, yeah! Besides Jazz is on top of her list, for helping her develop her own creative skills, she also enjoys listening to pop, rock and R&B.

From a total of 23 concerts that she has played so far, she has also participated in band fests like the ones held annually at UVIC and the Jazz fests in Nanaimo, both in British Columbia, Canada.

She joined Hekate’s Torch in 2019 and has participated in all the band’s jams and 2 music videos so far: “Dance With Me” and “When I’m With You”. With them, she has played bass and the piano and also does the backing vocals.

More recently in 2020, she wrote her first song which will be incorporated as Venus and Hekate’s Torch’s collab project.

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