DIY musician at heart, Danilo Siqueira is a musician, music producer and sound engineer who believes in originality and sound finesse, as a shaman would to his rituals.


Picking up the guitar at 16, he played in many bands in his hometown, until a higher voice called to him while playing and recording drums with the band "The Kerberus Project". After spending nights tweaking every sound and nuance, he decided to study Music Production at Berklee Online and Sound Design at IFB.


As a sound designer, Danilo has created and implemented sound effects for many independent video games, also working as an audio editor for films, podcasts, TV commercials etc.


As a biologist, Danilo also believes that music evokes powerful natural forces and energies. Believing in a higher purpose, Danilo decided to create music on his own, releasing it to the world under the alias "KYNNAC". Heavily marked by Sound Design and Experimentalism, "KYNNAC" has managed to achieve over 50k streams worldwide, with little or no paid promotion. 


Offered a contract by Astral Wolf Records in 2019, Danilo created exclusive songs and soundscapes that were licensed for TV commercials, independent films and video games in Asia. 


At the end of 2021, Danilo decided to start a new life in Victoria, Canada. It’s the place where he met his fellow band members and was embraced by the “Hekate's Torch” family.